Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Global Administrative Law - Cape Town Conference

The next event in the ongoing effort to increase the incidence of developing country perspectives and scholars within the GAL project will take place in Cape Town on the 18-20 March 2008. This conference, devoted to "Global Administrative Law Issues in the African Region", and co-sponsored by New York University and the University of Cape Town, is the third such event, following on from successful meetings in Buenos Aires in March 2007 and New Delhi last week (from which draft papers and a report will soon be available online).

The Cape Town Conference will, as its title suggests, critically address a broad range of GAL and global governance related issues, with a number of panels dealing with questions of accountability, transparency and participation, and the impact of globalisation on national courts and legal systems. Other panels will focus on specific subject areas, such as trade, investment and development financing; intellectual property; labour and competition law; and the privatisation of the public security function. A detailed draft agenda is available here.

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