Friday, February 19, 2010

The Blog Is (Not Quite) Dead - Long Live the Blog!

OK, so last year's resolution did not work out as anticipated; certainly, a five-monthy hiatus was not how I intended the second half of 2009 to go on here. Indeed, I had thought that a period of being "between institutions" (my current favourite euphemism for my nine-months or so of unemployment) would enable me to dedicate more time to the blog. Still not entirely sure why things didn't work out that way...
Things have changed a little, however: alert readers (if indeed there are any readers left) will observe that my email address has changed, a product of my recent move to take up a position lecturing at the University of Sydney. It's a fantastic city and a fantastic institution, and I'm absolutely delighted to be here; I will, of course, begin preaching from the Book of GAL just as soon as I get settled.
I'm also going to try to shake things up a little on here, in particular by getting more contributions from guest authors (you know who you are!), whether on an ad-hoc or more regular basis. Where we do have more detailed guest posts, I will also try to encourage discussion of the points raised, wherever possible.
Anyway, a belated "all the best" for 2010 to whoever is still reading!

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