Thursday, January 29, 2009

Call for papers: Global and European Administrative Law

One of the leading research institutes within the GAL project, the Institute for Research on Public Administration (Istituto di ricerche sulla pubblica amministrazione - IRPA - led by Prof Sabino Cassese in Rome), has begun a new research project on global and European administrative law, which is scheduled for completion in September 2010. They have published a call for papers on the following subject: "The relationship between global administrative law and European administrative law":

Little attention has been paid to the relationships between European administrative legal order and global regulatory regimes. Yet, such relationships can raise a number of problems. To name but a few: can global law be used in evaluating the legitimacy of European acts, and within which limits? How does European law filter the relations among the EU member States and global regulation? And what principles govern the co-existence among the various components of the legal discipline?

The call for papers details four seoparate research themes that the project will address. Accepted texts will be published firstly on the IRPA website, with the possibility of a print publication - particularly for articles written in English - at a later date. Deadline for submission of abstracts is February 29, 2009.

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