Thursday, January 29, 2009

New website: Public Contracts in Legal Globalisation

Just a quick post to flag the newly-established website of the research network on Public Contracts in Legal Globalisation, led by another GAL partner institution, Sciences Po Paris, and in particular by the Chaire Mutations de L'Action Publique et du Droit Public (MADP) under Prof. John-Bernard Auby:

The network... is composed of an international group of experts who work on the theme of public contracts. These experts are as well researchers as practitioners, Europeans and Non-Europeans, what makes it possible to work as well on a civil law as on a common law basis. The research can also be based on the theoretical model of the public contract that has been developed in single legal systems, for instance in France.

The network’s interest covers all legal aspects of public contract law. That implies that it works not only on public procurement law, but focuses on all public contracts (regulation contracts, contracts between public bodies…). The aim is to embrace all aspects of contractual life, and not only the procurement aspects. A large part of the research will be devoted to contractual litigation, and research will also be developed on the very question of the use of contract in public action.

The network organises, amongst other things, a number of different seminars, workshops and conferences, the next of which will be in Speyer, Germany, on the 3-4 April, 2009, on "The Internationalisation of Public Contracts Law".


Amaury A. Reyes said...

Thank you so much for this. This will help for my research.

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