Tuesday, June 9, 2009

EJIL:Talk! discussion on the role of courts in the international system

A quick post to flag a discussion coming next week over at EJIL:Talk! which will undoubtedly contain much of real interest from a GAL perspective:

Starting next week, EJIL:Talk! will be hosting a discussion of the changing role courts and tribunals in the international legal system. This conversation will be structured around a discussion of two articles in the current anniversary issue of the European Journal of International Law. The articles are: Eyal Benvenisti & George W. Downs, “National Courts, Domestic Democracy, and the Evolution of International Law“ and Yuval Shany, “No Longer a Weak Department of Power? Reflections on the Emergence of a New International Judiciary”. Both are available here.

Professors Benvenisti and Downs in particular have written directly on GAL issues (see here for some of Benvenisti's solo work on the development of GAL in international institutions, and here and here for work by him and Downs together on fragmentation and on checks and balances in global governance respectively). Definitely worth both reading the articles in question, and keeping an eye on what is sure to be an interesting exchange at EJIL:Talk!.

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