Monday, June 1, 2009

A little more still on the fallout from Kadi

Thanks to Mathias Vermeulen over at the excellent blog The Lift, we have the (belated) news of the steps proposed by the European Commission to address, in general terms, the concerns regarding the terrorist listing mechanism expressed by the ECJ in the Kadi case. These are contained in COM(2009) 187 final, and are in essence simply a general expression of the particular measures relating to Kadi that I had blogged about previously here.

5. The revised procedure should include providing to the listed person, entity, body or group the reasons for listing as transmitted by the UN Al Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee, so as to give the listed person, entity, body or group an opportunity to express his, her or its views on those reasons. The purpose of Regulation (EC) No 881/2002 is to freeze the funds and economic resources of persons, entities, bodies and groups included in the Al Qaida and Taliban list drawn up by the UN. As the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions provide that such freezing has to take place “without delay”, such measure must, by its very nature, take advantage of a surprise effect. Therefore, the Commission should be able to take a provisional decision before informing the person, entity, body or group concerned of the reasons for listing. The reasons for listing should, however, be notified to that person, entity, body or group without undue delay, after that decision has been published, to give the person, entity, body or group concerned an opportunity to make effectively his, her or its point of view known.

And that - together with some recognition of the need for a similar procedure backdated to those who are already on the list - is more or less that. Remains to be seen, however, whether these fairly cursory tweaks will be sufficient to placate the ECJ in the next installment of the saga. I would suspect - and hope - not; indeed, I wouldn't be surprised if they were a little miffed by what might well be styled as a pretty blunt challenge to their authority...

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